Customer Reviews


Peter R.

 Stephane is an excellent coach. I selected him to train me for Ironman Lake Placid because it has a difficult bike course, and I needed to get stronger in that discipline. We worked together over several months building my functional threshold power in addition to the strength and fitness I would need for the 140.6 mile course. We also discussed bike setup, tires, and nutrition strategy. I am based in London, UK, but that did not affect our work together; Stephane diligently analysed my data on TrainingPeaks and set my workouts and training zones. We discussed my progress and targets in weekly WhatsApp calls. Stephane pushed me when I needed it, but also was flexible when life intervened and adjusted my training plan accordingly. In the end I had a great race, hitting the targets I had set; I became a much better cyclist. My work with him has inspired me to set more ambitious goals for future racing, and he has given me the confidence to know I can achieve them. 

Rob G.

Rob G.


I can’t say enough good things about Stephane. I was novice mountain/road cyclist with goals to ride longer distances and at faster speeds. He challenged me to participate in some SoCal endurance MTB races to keep me motivated on my goals and this strategy really worked out for me. He developed a great training plan that was easy to understand and was able to adjust my plan when shift work and/or family commitments derailed my schedule. Stephane more than met every expectation and I’m now a much faster and capable rider because of him. Thanks dude!


- Jon L, San Diego

 Stephane taught our daughter how to ride a bike.  My wife and I had tried repeatedly to teach her ourselves but we soon hit the limit of parental coaching.  Stephane was extremely patient and had a great rapport with our daughter — she looked forward to the lessons and after several sessions, was riding a bike.  At each lesson, Stephane did a great job having our daughter revisit and practice skills learned at the last lesson as well as and adding new challenges and teaching new skills to push her a bit further.  I highly recommend working with Stephane.


Tadj O


Stephane was recommended to us by a friend who Stephane had trained and coached. I can highly recommend Stephane for a day of guided mountain biking. Stephane is clearly a very professional cyclist, it must therefore have been very challenging for him to cope with a 61 year old cyclist who rides a mountain bike in one of the flattest parts of the UK,  and who can’t therefore really be called a mountain biker!  Yet Stephane was excellent at planning a route which was suitable for my abilities, supporting me all the time and making my trip as enjoyable as possible. He picked up a really good bike for me, set it up for my size and cleats planned everything in advance, including drinks and food,  and was punctual.  The trip was special because he is very knowledgeable about the area, the routes, the wildlife and culture of the area. In addition he gave me some great tips as to how to improve my riding style while taking me through beautiful scenery.  There is no way I would have attempted a trip like this on my own. Last but not least Stephane is just a really great guy to spend a day with.